Laboratories, Inc.

In an effort to provide quality line of dietary supplements specifically formulated to balance body chemistry Dr. Eck established Endo-met Laboratories. Endo-met Laboratories offers nutritional dietary supplements which match our unique approach to mineral balancing. Unlike any other dietary supplement company, we offer a specifically formulated line of mineral and vitamin supplements designed to match the biochemical individuality of our users. Our ability to recognize which minerals and vitamins are either compatible or detrimental to each other permits us to make nutritional supplement recommendations which are exceedingly accurate and effective.

We have a continuous program of research to revise and improve our formulas assuring the most advanced products available today. We closely monitor the most authoritative sources of information to stay informed of the latest dietary and nutritional concepts. We combine this knowledge with our own work in the field to take advantage of the highest quality methods, procedures and ingredients that will assure maximum biological and metabolic effectiveness of our product line.